Hello! My name is Megan Carroll and I am the founder of a Seattle-based healing practice called Mother Earth Medicine.

Mother Earth Medicine was born out of my extensive studies in Psychic Energy Perception and Healing, Plant Spirit Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Yoga Therapy.

Mother Earth Medicine offers healing for the spiritual, energetic, mental and physical realms of being, with the acknowledgement that all of these parts of us are interrelated. I address problems at their root and help to bring my clients back into alignment with their original nature, which is one of wholeness, peace and ease.

Mother Earth Medicine offers these powerful healing services:

Yoga Therapy that calls on the wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism and related traditions for healing and rejuvenation.

Psychic Readings that provide clarity and perspective on the sometimes complicated journey of life.

Plant Spirit Medicine that facilitates deep healing and teaches you to embody your highest potential.

Sound Healing Sessions that move stagnant energy, release patterns that are no longer serving you, and re-tune your entire system.