Example Sessions – Mother Earth Yoga Therapy

Please note that the clients in these examples are fictitious, although they are based on clients I have worked in with in similar situations.

P.A. is a woman in her mid-fifties. She has been dealing with many symptoms that she associates with menopause, such as mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, and irritability.

Our session begins with a physic reading. During her reading the energy around her transition into menopause reveals itself, and we see that she is feeling fearful about moving into the next stage of her life. We can see how this energy of fear is constricting the flow of energy around her heart. During her reading it also becomes clear that there is a beautiful energy of grace and accomplishment that is nearby, waiting to come into her. It becomes clear that the energy of the fear keeps this other energy of grace and accomplishment at bay.

After P.A.’S reading is finished, we discuss and reflect on what was revealed. Then we begin to explore the kinds of things that Ayurvedic medicine might have to offer her. We explore different Ayurvedic lifestyle changes and dietary tweaks that P.A. can make that will help balance her hormones.

Next, we use yoga postures and breathing practices to help move the energy of fear that is blocking her heart, and we use a guided mediation to help call in the energy of grace and accomplishment. We also employ yoga postures and breathing practices that balance the endocrine (hormonal) system.

During P.A. ‘s savasana (relaxation pose), crystal singing bowls are played in order to facilitate even more clearing and releasing of the energy of fear and re-tune P.A. ‘s entire energetic system to a brighter, higher vibration

After several similar sessions, P.A. ‘s uncomfortable symptoms begin to disappear and she begins to feel more ease, strength and clarity in her body and her mind. After 2 months of regular sessions, P.A. is almost symptom free and enjoying a newfound sense of accomplishment and grace.



N.P. is a man in his late twenties. He is dealing with depression, panic attacks and sciatica. These problems began seemingly out of the blue, and he is not sure why they are occurring.

Our session begins with a psychic reading. During N.P.’s reading it becomes clear that some of the energy in his space does not belong to him. After a little bit more physic investigation, we see that the energy belongs to a woman he ended a serious relationship with just before his uncomfortable symptoms began. This woman’s energy is blocking the natural flow of N.P.’s energy, and creating a lot of problems.

After the reading, we begin to use yoga postures and breathing to help N.P. begin to own his energetic and physical space. We also work on strengthening his 3rd chakra, which is associated with our ability to create healthy boundaries and self-esteem. We also begin to work with yoga postures that support the healing of sciatica.

After yoga, we talk about some herbs that might be useful for sciatica and some herbs that might be useful for supporting N.P.’s 3rd chakra.

During N.P.’s savasana (relaxation pose), crystal singing bowls are played in order to help move even more foreign energy out of his space and give N.P.’s entire energy field a general tune up.

After several similar sessions, most of N.P.’s symptoms are gone, and he is feeling more empowered to move forward with his life in a positive way.