House Clearing and Blessing

I am offering remote house clearings and blessings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have all heard the saying “home is where the heart is” about a million times. It’s become a little cliche’ at this point, but nevertheless it’s so, so true. The energy in and around your home has an extremely powerful effect on your well being.

Did someone live in your house before you? Have there been fights or other negative experiences in the house? Does the energy in certain parts of your house feel spooky, stuck or blocked? Are there ways in which your own personal growth, healing and evolution feels stymied?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, consider having your house cleared and blessed (by me!)

During a house clearing/blessing, I come over with my bag of tricks (sage, crystals, herbs, etc). First, we will sit down together and I will give the house a psychic reading. From there, you can give me a tour of your whole house. During the tour, I will work with my spiritual allies (and yours) to clean and clear the space. Negative or stuck energies will be released, and positive energy will be brought in. I will also teach you how to keep your space clear yourself (maintenance, if you will), and will even leave you with some handmade, magical house-clearing spray.

Any time that you feel the need is a great time to get a house clearing/blessing done, but it can be especially important to do:

  • If you or someone you live with is going through a challenging time
  • If you feel uncomfortable, scared or unsafe in your house or in certain parts of your house
  • If you are getting ready to remodel
  • If you have recently remodeled
  • If you have recently moved into a new house
  • If there is or has been a big transition going on in the house; i.e. if someone is leaving or someone is moving in
  • If you have never gotten a house clearing/blessing done before

Investment: This service usually takes about 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the house and what’s going on. If your house is 1,500 square feet or less, I ask for a sliding scale payment between 250 – 350 dollars. If your house is over 1,500 square feet I ask for 350 – 500. If your house is over 5,000 square feet, please contact me to discuss the rates.

If you are not sure what the square footage of your house is, try Googling your address. You should be able to find the information on Zillow or Redfin.

If you live in Seattle, there is no additional charge for this service. If you live more than 60 miles outside of the city of Seattle, there will be an additional fee (somewhere between 25 – 200 dollars)  to compensate for my extra driving time and gas. I am unable to offer this service for any home that is more than 60 miles outside of Seattle, as the driving and gas expense is too great.

To schedule your house clearing and blessing, please email me at