Moon Gatherings

I offer fun and powerful group psychic readings called Moon Gatherings.

A Moon Gathering is an opportunity for people to come together to grow, learn, heal, celebrate their lives and support each other on their paths.

Because the moon is deeply linked to the human psyche, these gatherings are themed around the current lunar phase. By tapping consciously into the impact that the moon’s phases have on our energy fluctuations, we can harness her healing medicine.

The Structure of a Moon Gathering:

The host and I will schedule a date and time. The gathering can be around a special event, or can be an opportunity for a group to come together and build connection.

The host will invite friends and family as they desire. (Minimum 3 people, maximum 10). The host will provide the space for the Moon Gathering, and organize any food and/or beverages. (Alcohol is at the discretion of the host.) I will provide handmade herbal elixirs, teas and tinctures for guests to enjoy. These are designed help with relaxation, heart opening and grounding.

Once everyone has arrived, we will gather in a circle and call in sacred space. Then, through a short guided visualization we will take a moment to check in with our hearts and get clear on our intentions for the evening.

Next, I will offer a group psychic reading with information for the group and information for individuals. During this reading there will be plenty of space for participants to ask questions and get clarification around the different topics that are in the fore front of their minds and hearts.

A short break after the reading will allow for more connection, and integration. This is a great time for hors d’oeuvres or a light meal to help facilitate grounding.

We will close our time together with a sound bath.

A Moon Gathering is 2.5 – 3 hours in duration. The host is welcome to invite guests to stay after the gathering if s/he chooses.

I charge $395 for a Moon Gathering. This fee can be split amongst participants or paid in full by the host. Payment may be made up front or at the event. I accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

If you would like to host a Moon Gathering, please email me or give me a call at 206-406-0003.