Mother Earth Yoga Therapy

According to Yoga we were each born with a unique energetic blueprint that makes us who we are.

When we are in harmony with our unique, original nature, we experience health, freedom and ease, which is our birthright. As we go through life, this connection with our original nature often gets lost or distorted in various ways. Over time this creates various levels of dis-ease or disease in the body, mind and spirit.

In my yoga therapy practice I work with clients using powerful tools from Yoga, Ayurveda and related traditions to restore that original energetic blueprint, and facilitate a return to health, vibrancy and wholeness.


What to expect in a Mother Earth Yoga Therapy session:

When you come into my office, I will greet you and offer you some water or some tea, and we will sit down together.

This time together begins with a psychic reading. I will close my eyes and “read” your energy field, and tell you what I see. This intuitive look at your energy allows me to understand the dynamics of your situation without all of the stories and judgments that come in when we look at something with the rational mind. This is a “soul to soul” conversation between us that accesses a deeper level of understanding then what is normally available to us in our daily life. Clients often find that this portion of our session is incredibly illuminating.

After our “soul to soul” conversation, we will have a “mind to mind” conversation. This is a time when we can discuss the different aspects of your situation and your needs. We will also discuss your Ayurvedic constitution and different ways that Ayurvedic medicine might be able to help you. Ayurveda uses things like diet, lifestyle, herbs and yoga to create healing.

In addition to Ayurvedic medicine, I also work from a traditional Western herbalist perspective and the more indigenous perspective of Plant Spirit Medicine. We can explore these options together as needed during this time in our session.

During this time we can also talk about some different things that you can do on your own to incorporate some of the work we are doing in our sessions into your daily life. I will never give you homework that feels overwhelming; in both the Yogic and Ayurvedic systems there is a premise that small changes can add up to a big difference in your overall health. I work with my clients to find accessible tweaks that they can make to their lives that will facilitate big transformations over time.

Next, we will head over to the treatment space and do yoga postures, breathing and guided mediation.

Yoga postures, breathing and guided meditation are all different forms of energy work. I use the information that we gathered in the first portion of our session to guide us as we embark on a practice that heals and balances your unique energetic situation.

Next, we will move into savasana (resting pose). This is an important time where you get to practice deep relaxation.

We will work together to create an optimal resting position for you that promotes a deep parasympathetic state. The parasympathetic state refers to the state that your nervous system needs to be in, in order to create new, healthy patterns and heal on a deep subconscious level.

Your savasana ends with an energy healing that will further facilitate the clearing of blockages in your aura and your chakras, “plug you back in” to the energy of the Earth, and close up any energetic leaks in your system.

My work as a yoga therapist and healer is based on the fact that we all have within us the natural capacity for healing and wholeness. Our work together unlocks that potential, which lies dormant within you. Join me, and together we can turn your greatest challenges into your most profound blessings.

All Mother Earth Yoga Therapy Sessions are 2 hours long and offered at my office in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood.

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