Plant Spirit Healing

If you look even briefly at the history of mankind, you can easily see that we humans have not been around for very long.

Plants, on the other hand, have literally been on this earth for millions of years. Because of this they are much more evolved than we are and have a great deal to teach us.

The spirit, or essence, of a single plant species contains within in it a vast landscape of  profound consciousness and deep wisdom. Plants are an embodiment of the energy of the earth, which is an energy that is associated with the archetypal mother and unconditional love. This is a very powerful energy that can help us to heal and evolve.

Plant Spirit healing is simply the art of tapping into and working with this energy.

In a Plant Spirit healing session, I take an intuitive look at your energy field, and then invite a plant spirit to come and help you with whatever your challenge may be.

The spirit of the plant that you need the most will appear. In some instances, several plants may appear. The plant or plants will work with me and through me to move any blockages or unhealthy patterns in your system.

It is often helpful for you to continue your work with the spirit of plant after our session by drinking the plant as a tea, taking the plant as a tincture, taking a bath with the plant, or mediating with the plant. Our time together will include a discussion of this aspect.

During our session, the spirit of the plant may also reveal to you some changes that you can make in your life in order to create the healing that you seek.

Plants are incredible teachers and healers and can help us to reach our highest potential. People turn to Plant Spirit healing to help alleviate chronic or acute illness, mental or emotional suffering, spiritual crises, and other challenges.

All Plant Spirit healing sessions are 45 – 60 minutes long, depending on what unfolds. The sessions can be held in person at my office, or over the phone. All sessions are 100% confidential.

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