Relationship Reading

This special reading for two allows you and your partner, friend, spouse, family member or lover to gain new perspectives, clarity, insight and healing around the dynamics of your relationship.

Relationship readings are a fantastic way to deepen your connection to yourself and to your partner, family member, friend or colleague.

This reading begins with a look at where each of you are on your paths as individuals and then moves into an exploration around the interplay of your two energies and the dynamics of your relationship.

The information you receive will allow you to gain a greater understanding of one another and a sense of clarity about your time together on this earth.

You will gain profound insight around the many gifts and challenges that your relationship brings. We will also explore ways in which you can work with the challenges in your relationship to find the amazing gems that are hidden within them.

This reading includes energy healing; as I read I work with your higher selves and healing spirits to help remove any energy that is holding your relationship back from reaching it’s highest potential.

Relationship readings are 100% confidential and can be digitally recorded and emailed to you at no additional cost.

Relationship readings are 90 minutes long and are held at my office in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood.

Investment: My rates are sliding scale, meaning that I ask you to pay whatever you can afford within a certain range; somewhere between 150 – 200 dollars for this reading.

If you would like more information about psychic readings, please visit my F.A.Q.’s page.