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Oh, the body. Such a blessing and a curse.
In yoga and related fields they say that the body is the greatest teacher. Or is it that injury is the greatest teacher? Oh well. Either way, I think the message is the same; our embodied experience has a lot to teach us.
When we experience the limitations of the body, there is sometimes a part of us that is kind of bewildered. Many of you know that I recently broke several bones in my right foot. Even though it has been 5 weeks since the accident and I have done lots of work with acceptance and being present, there is still a part of me that is surprised (and disappointed) every morning when I wake up to find that my foot is, indeed, still broken. It’s like there is a part of me that just can’t believe it.
We all have this part of ourselves. Maybe you felt that disbelief yourself when a loved one passed away, or when you got a scary diagnosis at the doctor’s office. Or when you looked in the mirror and saw gray hair for the first time.
This disbelief happens because there is part of us that is actually infinite; a part of us that does not age, die, get injured or sick. Call it consciousness, call it the soul, call it the spirit, call it what you like, it is in all of us, and in yoga philosophy it is considered to be the One True Self. We sense this infinite part of ourselves, and it sometimes doesn’t feel like it “matches” with our experience of the limited, physical body. Hence the bewilderment and disbelief.
But the finite nature of the body actually teaches our infinite selves about limitation; it is often through the experience of being limited in some way that we are able to touch that part of ourselves that is unlimited.
It also teaches us about surrender; when the body’s finitude is demonstrated, we find ourselves in circumstances that force us to surrender to something bigger than our egos. That surrender requires us to learn a deep trust in our infinite nature, and in the Universe itself.
The finite nature of the body is something that we all share. No one is immune. Over the course of my injury I have heard countless stories from other people about the time that they broke a bone or two, or ten. Within these shared stories I have found a wellspring of compassion and understanding, as well as the profound joy that comes from knowing that I am not alone.
Speaking of not being alone, one of the most transformative lessons that this injury has taught me has been on the importance and power of community. I am stunned by and deeply grateful for the outpouring of support that I have received from my friends, loved ones, colleagues and students. I am so touched, and I don’t know what I would do without it.
Many of you already know that yoga teachers are not in it for the money, and many yoga teachers do not receive benefits like sick days or health insurance. This, along with the fact that the job requires a lot of physical mobility, makes being an injured yoga teacher especially challenging.
To that end, my dear colleagues and friends Yogasmith owner Joel Benjamin, and Sound Healer Daniella White have offered to donate 100% of the profits from this upcoming to workshop to me, to help cover my medical bills and other costs associated with this injury.
Daniella’s work as a healer and Joel’s sacred space are a lovely combination; I am thrilled to be able to offer you a fabulous experience in exchange for your donation. Read the article below for the details, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

A big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Joel and Daniella and all of my beautiful friends and students for your love and support during this time of learning and healing.

Yoga Sound Bath Fundraiser

Wednesday, October 1st
7:15 – 8:45 pm 


Join yoga therapist Megan Carroll and sound healer Daniella White as they combine the profound powers of two complimentary modalities that clear, unwind and heal the energetic architecture of the entire body/mind complex.

To facilitate this experience of energetic healing, Megan will lead you through an all-levels yoga practice accompanied by Daniella’s crystal bowl playing. At the end of your yoga practice, you will enjoy an extended “sound bath savasana” as Daniella bathes you in vibrations that will help you reach deep states of release and relaxation.

This workshop will assist you in letting go of energies, mental states and patterns that are no longer serving you, and clarify your alignment with the basic energetic forces of the Universe.

100% of the profits from this workshop will go towards assisting Megan with the costs associated with the multiple fractures in her right foot! 

Suggested Donation: 30 dollars preregistered / 35 day of

If this amount feels prohibitive to you, you are welcome to come and pay what you can!!!

To preregister, email and let him know you plan on coming! 

Daniella White
is a Reiki Master and certified Sound Healer. She believes that through the application of sound and positive intent, we can bring balance to the mind and body. Frequency can be utilized to shift matter and consciousness, and positive vibration can be healing medicine for the body and spirit. To learn more about
Daniella, visit

Megan Carroll
has been working in the field of yoga for over a decade. Her work as a yoga instructor, yoga therapist and yoga teacher trainer reflects a deep connection to Spirit as well as a comprehensive understanding of the human body/mind complex.
To learn more about Megan, click here.