Basic Yoga Therapy

In my yoga therapy practice I work with clients using powerful tools from Yoga to facilitate a return to health, vibrancy and wholeness.

What to expect in a yoga therapy session:

When you come into my office, I will greet you and offer you some water or some tea, and we will sit down together.

This is a time when we can discuss the different aspects of your situation and your what your needs are. We may also discuss some of the philosophical aspects of yoga that may helpful for you.

Next, we will head over to the movement space and do yoga postures, breathing and guided mediation.

The kinds of yoga postures, breath work and/or medication that we do will vary depending on your unique needs. I will stay in communication and partnership with you as we embark on a practice that heals and balances your unique situation.

Next, we will move into savasana (resting pose). This is an important time where you get to practice deep relaxation.

We will work together to create an optimal resting position for you that promotes a deep parasympathetic state for your savasana. The parasympathetic state refers to the state that your nervous system needs to be in, in order to create new, healthy patterns and heal on a deep subconscious level.

My work as a yoga therapist and healer is based on the fact that we all have within us the natural capacity for healing and wholeness. Our work together unlocks that potential, which lies dormant within you. Join me, and together we can turn your greatest challenges into your most profound blessings!

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