Earth Rhythms Class

Do you want to slow down and deepen your connection with nature? With your spirit? Are you looking for more ways to collaborate with the healing powers of the natural world? Are you looking for a way to create more meaning, depth and connection in your daily life?

This 20 day online course will give you an accessible, practical  and powerful way to do just that.

When we ally ourselves with the rhythms of nature, it is like a balm for our spirits. Nature uplifts and heals us when we sync with her rhythm, when we dance to her tune.

In this class we will connect to the 12 seasons of the earth, which are also known as the 12 signs of the zodiac. In this way, spring, summer, winter and fall become much more nuanced and specific. We will also harness the power of the moon and her phases, and invoke the healing potential of the plant spirits. Our time together will provide a context for a nature-based spiritual practice and context for deepening your connection to yourself.

In this class you will learn how to:

Nature Deficit Disorder Remedy - Beautiful Tree

  • Easily tap into the natural rhythms of the earth
  • Reconnect with and deepen nature-based spirituality.
  • Work through mental and emotional blocks leading to greater clarity and ease.
  • Cultivate your intuition by becoming aware of it and/or learning new tools for healing and connecting through intuition.

What To Expect:

This e-course contains mixed media presentations in order to accommodate different learning styles and preferences. Our adventure begins 2 days before the new moon and ends 2 days after the moon is full.

You will receive 12 emails throughout the course. Each email will contain a treasure trove of information, inspiration, and practices that you can explore at your own pace. The one-of-a-kind content in this course is yours to keep once you download it!

Your emails will include:

  • Articles with all kinds of information about the amazing energy of mother nature.
  • Guided contemplations and reflections.
  • Easy to follow instructions for making your own healing herbal body oil.
  • Lectures and guided meditations in both audio and video formatting.
  • An all levels yoga video that balances the water element in the body, which is associated with the low back and hips.
  • Support and guidance for a healthy integration of all of the energy work, growth and learning that you will do during our time together.

This class starts May 4th and concludes May 23rd, 2016. Please register before May 4th in order to have access to the full course material. Click here to register on Eventbrite!