Healing Ceremonies

For thousands of years, human beings all across the globe have been holding and participating in various types of ceremonies. Ceremonies can signify a transition or an important event, and/or make space for healing.

Ceremonies are a time when people intentionally come together to support one another and create a safe and sacred space. This space is a kind of container in which healing and growth can unfold in the most protected and powerful way. Ceremonies help imbue our lives with meaning and give us a sense of clarity and direction.

The very ancient practice of ceremony has all but been lost in modern western society. Aside from occasional weddings, funerals and perhaps some religious events, we generally have very few opportunities to experience the kind of medicine that ceremony can offer us.

It is with deep humility and joy that I offer and lead healing ceremonies within my community.

Below you will find the calendar of our upcoming ceremonies – you are most welcome to attend any or all of them that are interesting to you.

I ask that you RSVP and pay in advance to hold your spot, as space is very limited (these ceremonies are intentionally kept small, in order to ensure a high-quality experience). If a ceremony that you are interested in has sold out, I will be happy to place you on the waiting list.

If you are interested in holding a private ceremony for yourself or someone you love, please contact me so we can work out the details.