Cosmic Yoga and Sound Healing

Join yoga therapist Megan Carroll and sound healer Daniella White on a cosmic journey through inner space as they combine the profound powers of two complimentary modalities that clear, unwind and heal the energetic architecture of the entire body/mind complex.

Whether or not you believe in astrology, the 7 classical planets of the zodiac planets have a great deal to offer us as 7 energetic archetypes that we can align with in order to create more ease and wholeness in our lives. To facilitate this experience of energetic healing, Megan will lead you through an all-levels yoga practice accompanied by Daniella’s crystal bowl playing. At the end of your yoga practice, you will enjoy an extended “sound bath savasana” as Daniella bathes you in vibrations that will help you reach deep states of release and relaxation.

Each class will be an opportunity to align yourself with a certain planetary energy, and in doing so allow for more healing and harmony in your body, mind and spirit.

These workshops will assist you in letting go of energies, mental states and patterns that are no longer serving you, and clarify your alignment with the basic energetic forces of the Universe.

Take a class individually, or sign up for all seven for the complete experience:

September 19th:

The Sun: Aligning with and healing the yang, masculine force

October 17th:

The Moon: Aligning with and healing the yin, feminine force

November 14th:

Mercury: Embracing our capacity for fluid communication

December 5th:

Mars: Discovering, honoring and healing the warrior within

January 16th:

Venus: Walking the beauty way

February 13th:

Jupiter: Remembering our infinitude and embracing expansiveness

March 13th:

Saturn: Transforming our greatest challenge into our greatest blessing

Each class runs from 8 – 9:30 pm.


35 preregistration / 40 day of

210 for all 7 planets

Contact me with questions or to register.