Pranamaya Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the application of yogic practices to facilitate healing in the mind, body and spirit. There is really no condition, illness, injury or challenge that yoga therapy cannot help heal. For some people, yoga therapy is the perfect adjunct to other forms of healing. For others, it is the perfect primary healing modality.

The reason that I, as a yoga therapist, have such a vast scope of practice is because yoga itself is so vast. Yoga is a system that addresses all of the layers of our being, from the physical body, to the mental and emotional aspects of who we are, and even our spirits.

The thing that ties all of these different aspects of who we are together is our energy. Our physical bodies have energy, our minds and emotions have energy, and even our spirits have energy. This is why I call the style of yoga therapy that I practice “Pranamaya Yoga Therapy.” Pranamaya is a Sanskrit word that means, “the self that is made of energy.”

When I work with my clients in a yoga therapy session, we address whatever challenges they are dealing with by applying yoga. Together we work to heal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the challenge. Additionally, we tie all of these different aspects of the self together by working to change the energetic patterns that are underlying the challenge.

To this end, we use a variety of powerful tools from yoga and related traditions, including:

Yoga postures
Breath work
Yogic and Buddhist Philosophies
Guided Self-Inquiry
Energy Healing
Guided Meditation
Ayurvedic Medicine
Yoga Nidra

I work as a team with my clients to discover which modalities are right for them. I never use any modalities that my clients are not completely comfortable with.

It is impossible for me to describe to you exactly what a yoga therapy session might be like, because each person I work with is a totally unique individual. For instance, a session for someone dealing with sciatica will look very different from a session for someone dealing with depression. In fact, two different people who are both dealing with same challenge will also have totally different sessions, because although their challenges may have the same title (i.e. “depression”), underneath the surface there is always a totally unique situation going on. This is part of what makes yoga therapy so effective; it’s therapy that is tailor-made for the clients’ very own unique, individual architecture.

Here is a list of some of the challenges that yoga therapy can help heal:

Back pain, chronic or acute
Autoimmune conditions
Grief and loss
Preparing for death/dying
Chronic pain
Multiple Sclerosis
Chakra (energy) imbalance
Spiritual Crisis / “dark night of the soul”
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Musculoskeletal injury (i.e. sprains, strains, tears, etc.)
Hormonal imbalance
Vata, pitta or kapha imbalance (these are terms from the Ayurvedic system )

Sessions are 75 minutes long and held at my office on 15th and Harrison in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. It is a safe, peaceful location with easy parking.

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If you are wondering if this is the right therapy for you or for someone you love, consider contacting me to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.